Senate Democrats

Senate Confirms 206th Bush Appointment

Washington, DC – Working in a bipartisan manner the U.S. Senate today confirmed J. Michael Seabright, to be U.S. District Judge for the District of Hawaii. Judge Seabright is an experienced prosecutor, who has amassed an impressive record on several high profile cases in Hawaii, received broad bipartisan support.

“Today, we confirmed President Bush’s 206th judicial nominee, giving him the highest confirmation rate in decades. There are currently more than twenty vacancies on the federal courts in which the President has not forwarded nominees to the Senate. I would encourage him to nominate judges who will receive broad bipartisan support, and stop picking fights instead of judges. We were all sent to Washington to do the people’s business. We have the highest gas prices in history, growing insurgencies in Iraq, and millions of Americans living without health care. Clearly, the President should find ways to make progress on these important issues instead of further dividing the country over seven radical judges,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

J. Michael Seabright is the 206th judicial nominee confirmed since George Bush took office in 2001. Democrats have confirmed 35 circuit court nominees, more than in Reagan’s or Clinton’s first term. This is a better confirmation rate than that achieved during the Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan Administrations.