Senate Democrats

Statement of Senator Harry Reid on Republican Campaign Finance Power Grab

Senate Democratic Leader Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today regarding Senate bill 271:

“Today the Republicans once again broke the rules in their quest for absolute power, this time on a controversial campaign finance measure (S. 271). Dubious that they had majority support for the measure, Republicans moved to report the bill from Committee without a recorded vote over strong and repeated Democratic objections.

“Republicans went on to amend the bill to adopt an amendment of Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) to unravel McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation. Senator Bennett’s amendment rewrites our campaign finance rules to put more money into our political system by lifting restrictions on corporate and trade associations.

“I strongly supported McCain-Feingold reform legislation. The illegitimate process that brings this fatally flawed bill closer to the Senate floor should make it clear to McCain-Feingold supporters that Republicans see this bill as an opportunity to subvert that reform legislation to achieve partisan advantage, not as an opportunity to advance real reform.”