Senate Democrats

Who’s in Charge Here?

With the Republican Party scrambling over the nuclear option, one wonders just who is in charge of the United States Senate. Who is calling the shots for the Senate Republicans?

  • Is it Karl Rove and the Bush White House charting the course?
  • Is it right-wing activists setting the timetable?
  • Is it Tom DeLay and House Republicans pulling the strings from the House?

Is It Karl Rove???
White House Intervenes, Rejects Senate Democrats Offer to Senate Republicans

“Karl Rove rejected a compromise with Senate Democrats Monday on long-stalled nominations for the federal judiciary…” [USA Today, 4/26/05]

“We believe that every judicial nominee deserves an up or down vote,” Rove said. “The process is not well served by these political games.” [USA Today, 4/26/05]

Is It Right-Wing Activists???
Special Interests Dictate Senate Timetable to Senate Republican Leadership

“[The Nuclear Option] must happen next week. It would be considered intolerable to delay any further than next week Were it to be delayed beyond the next week, the Senate GOP should expect tens of thousands of angry phone calls and faxes to tie up their lines.” [Chairman of the National Coalition to End the Judicial Filibuster Manuel Miranda, The Hill, 5/4/05]

“We’ve made it clear that patience is running out.” [Executive director of the American Conservative Union Richard Lessner, The Hill, 5/4/05]

Is It Tom DeLay and House Republicans???
House Republicans Prepare to Take Over Once Senate Republicans Go Nuclear

“There are multiple ways in which we can address [judicial filibusters and Democratic obstruction], and we intend to explore all of them.” [Spokesman for House Republican Conference Chairwoman Deborah Pryce Greg Crist, Roll Call, 5/3/05]