Senate Democrats

Reid Stands With Congressional Black Caucus Against Republican Abuse of Power

CBC delivers letter to Frist urging to preserve Checks and Balances

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

I am honored to stand with my fine colleagues from the House to signal our unity in opposition to the nuclear option.

This week, we marked the 51st Anniversary of the Brown verses Board decision.

It’s a case that reminds us how our nation’s judges and courts have often been the last resort for minorities seeking redress from inadequate or unfair laws.

As you know, the Senate is currently engaged in a fierce fight over the future of our courts and seven radical judges.

Republicans want to throw out over 200 years of Senate rules, so they can approve these right-wing judges:

– One who opposes helping housing discrimination victims.

– Another who prefers to side with corporate interests over consumers.

Senate Democrats are united in our opposition to Republicans who want to turn the Senate into a rubber stamp for the radical, right-wing.

The rights of all Americans are at stake.

The Republican leadership reminds me a little of the Roman Emperor Nero, who is famously accused of fiddling in the hills over Rome while the city burned.

We have gas prices well-above two-dollars, but instead of focusing on an energy plan, the President continues to do nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil

We have a pension system that faces financial challenges today. But instead of focusing on that, the Republican leadership insists on a Social Security privatization plan that will actually make the situation worse

We have an education system that needs our attention, but all Senators want to do is debate seven radical judges.

The American people entrusted us with power to tackle the challenges facing this country – not to advance our own political agendas.

Radical judges like Priscilla Owen and Janice Rodgers Brown don’t deserve our attention, the American people do.