Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on Bolton Vote

“Americans deserve to know the truth. It is time to put an end to the stonewalling.”

The following is a statement by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

“Over two weeks ago, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, acting on a bipartisan basis, decided it could not recommend John Bolton for the post of U.S. Representative to the United Nations. Nevertheless, Senate Democrats were prepared to move forward on his nomination if the Bush Administration provided information that could bear directly on his suitability for this post.

“Unfortunately, despite repeated requests, the Administration failed to turn over this important information. Their refusal to provide information the Senate is entitled to under the advise and consent clause of the Constitution has slowed down his nomination and created the impression the nominee and the Administration have something to hide.

“Americans deserve to know the truth. It is time to put an end to the stonewalling. The way forward at this point seems clear. If the Administration provides the information to the Senate, Senate Democrats are ready to act immediately on this nomination. Until then, Mr. Bolton’s record remains incomplete and any vote on his nomination is premature.”