Senate Democrats

Reid Announces Faith Symposium

Will focus on ways to aid religious organizations in providing social services to underserved communities

Las Vegas, NV – At a meeting with local religious leaders this morning, United States Senator Harry Reid announced he will host a “Faith Symposium” later this Fall focusing on the role religious organizations can play in providing social services to underserved communities in Nevada.

“Local churches help provide the social fabric of our communities, and are often the best resource for the underserved,” Senator Reid said. “Pastors and ministers, reverends and rabbis, know their congregations and the needs of those they serve better than anyone. This Symposium will allow us to come together and evaluate what resources are available, what more needs to be done and how we need to do it.”

Reid’s meeting today was to lay the groundwork for the Faith Symposium by talking in depth with religious leaders to better understand what is currently being provided and what additional resources are necessary to meet the needs in this community.

The Symposium, which Reid announced will be held in August of this year, will bring together religious leaders for a conference at Nevada Partners. Participants will evaluate current programs, identify existing funding sources available to religious organizations and secure participation of the religious organizations to meet the needs of the community.

Dr. Robert Fowler, pastor of Victory Baptist Church was in attendance this morning and said, “I’m excited Sen. Reid has sought the opinion of the religious leadership on how to address the needs of our community. A symposium like this is desperately needed. I am looking forward to the meeting in August where we can substantively address issues like health care, education and re-entry programs.”

The Faith Symposium will be late-August of this year with the primary goal of developing a comprehensive, community action plan. Reid will work with religious leaders from around the Valley in the coming months to put together the Symposium.