Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on President’s Rose Garden Remarks

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) released the following statement today regarding comments made by President Bush at his Rose Garden press conference:

“For months, Washington Republicans have used their power to pursue the goals of right-wing activists, while Democrats have focused on a reform agenda that meets the challenges facing the American people. If, as he suggested today, President Bush is prepared to stop caving to the demands of the far right and to start working on the problems confronting America’s families, Democrats welcome him to this effort.

“As I spoke about last week, Democrats are ready to work on an energy plan that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and helps families squeezed at the pump. We are prepared to shore up pensions and to make America’s retirement system more secure. We are also ready to move forward on issues where there is bipartisan consensus, including raising the minimum wage, bringing down the cost of prescription drugs and supporting the promise of stem cell research.

“This is the reform agenda of the American people, an agenda in-touch with the needs of working families. Democrats stand in the common-sense center, ready to take up this work. Given the president’s statements today, I hope he will join us to get the job done for America’s families.”