Senate Democrats

Statement by Senator Harry Reid on National Hunger Awareness Day

“Today we acknowledge and offer a helping hand to the least among us as we commemorate National Hunger Awareness Day. In a nation with so much to offer, too many Americans, especially children still go to bed hungry every night. National Hunger Awareness day reminds us all that we are our “brother’s keeper” and that we must do more to help those in need.

“Unfortunately, misplaced priorities and unfulfilled rhetoric is no substitute for a hot meal. Despite proclamations of compassion and speeches addressing the needs of our underserved communities, President Bush and the Republican led Congress has advanced a budget that forces deep cuts in Food Stamps and other programs that help those in need. We can do better.

“The most effective method to reduce hunger is providing good jobs at strong wages so Americans can adequately provide for their families. Democrats are committed to helping Americans take care of their families. I encourage my all colleagues on both sides to be true to their words and help those in need.”