Senate Democrats

Reid Expresses Disappointment in Bush’s Opposition to Energy Independence

Reid Calls on Bush to Join Democrats in Working to Secure America

Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement:

(Washington, DC) “I am deeply disappointed to see that President Bush is opposed to our efforts to put America on the path towards energy independence. Democrats are determined to end our growing dependence on foreign oil and take real actions that will reduce that dependence and move America in the right direction. Democrats understand that securing our nation takes more than bullets and bombs; it requires reducing our reliance on Middle Eastern oil.

“In order to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, Democrats proposed a bold new initiative to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 40 percent in 20 years. Democrats also support a renewable electricity standard that will increase our production of renewable energy and create new jobs. In addition, it is time to put science ahead of politics and take the necessary steps to address global warming. Simply ignoring the truth will not solve our problems.

“If the president is really serious about energy independence then he should join us in working together to secure America. Instead of simply opposing these commonsense approaches, the president should meet us in the commonsense center in reforming our approach to energy independence. We cannot drill our way out of our dependence on foreign oil – we must use the great spirit of American innovation and ingenuity. It will benefit our security, our economy and our environment.”