Senate Democrats

Reid Reaffirms Commitment to Stop Privatization

Calls Proposals to Weaken Social Security Out of Place

“By now my Republican colleagues should realize that proposals to weaken Social Security are out of place in this debate. Yet once again, the Republican majority is pushing a risky privatization scheme that will weaken Social Security, cut benefits and increase the debt.

“I also would have hoped by now that my Republican colleagues would have realized that Democrats are not going to fall for their publicly announced bait and switch scam. We have not and we will not. Democrats are ready, willing and able to join together in a bipartisan conversation to strengthen Social Security and are eager for the president and the Republican leadership in Congress to put their risky privatization scheme aside so we can address the real concerns of the American people.”



Republican Congressman and Vice Chairman of the House Republican Conference Jack Kingston (R-GA) Reiterated the Bait and Switch: “Though the Senate is far from agreement on personal accounts, Rep. Jack Kingston, Georgia Republican and vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, was glad Mr. Grassley seems to be making some progress in his chamber. ‘Anything they can get passed out of the Senate we should consider a major victory,” Mr. Kingston said, adding that if the Senate can pass any sort of Social Security bill – even without personal accounts – the House would ‘meet them in conference committee with personal accounts.'” [Washington Times, 6/29/05, Emphasis Added]