Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on Passage of Short Term Extension of the TANF Program

Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Regarding the Passage of the Short Term Extension of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program

“Yesterday, the Senate passed the House extension to the TANF program. H.R. 3021 provides a 3-month extension for the existing TANF program, ensuring that our nation’s most vulnerable populations will have access to uninterrupted social services.

“Passage of the 10th short term extension was necessary because Senate Republicans have been unwilling to bring to the Senate floor a new authorization bill that passed the Senate Finance Committee by a voice vote, one opposing more than three months ago.

“I strongly hope that Senate Republicans resolve their differences and permit the committee-passed bill to come to the Senate floor. If Republicans cannot agree to let the Senate take up the committee-passed bill, Senate Democrats are committed to ensuring that we take up some version of this bill so that the latest temporary extension will be the last. I stand ready to work with Senator Frist and the leaders on the Finance Committee to achieve that goal.