Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on the Death of Nevadan Shane Patton

“I was deeply saddened to hear reports of the death of Shane Patton, a Navy SEAL from Las Vegas who was in a helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan. 16 U.S. servicemen were killed in that crash, and the military is still notifying the families of some victims.

Patton was a graduate of Boulder City High School, and a second generation Navy SEAL. He is the latest in a long string of brave, young Nevadans who we have lost to the war on terror.

Nevada has always given more than its share in defense of our country, but our recent losses have been especially hard to bear. Shane Patton is the fourth Nevada casualty in the month of June. I only hope we never see another month like the last one.

My thoughts and prayers are with Shane Patton’s friends and family today, especially with his father. As a fellow Navy SEAL, I know James Patton is proud of his son’s service to his country. I hope he knows that all Nevadans are proud of him as well, and deeply grateful for his sacrifice.”