Senate Democrats

Reid Says More Must be Done to Protect America from Terrorism

Calls for a Renewed Investment in Fighting Terrorism Here at Home

Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement:

Washington, D.C. – “With terrorists determined to strike us here at home, we must do everything we can to protect Americans from terrorism. We should take very seriously the lesson learned from the attacks in London: fighting terrorism overseas is not enough to ensure that terrorists will not strike American soil again.

“The simple fact is that the Bush administration has refused to make the needed investments to secure American cities and towns. We spend more in Iraq in a single month than we spend on first responders all year. Failure in Iraq is not an option, and we will continue to support our troops but we must do more to support the war on terror here at home.

“Democrats are determined to do everything we can to protect America from terrorism by making the much needed investments in rail security, protecting chemical plants and fully equipping our first responders.”