Senate Democrats

Reid: Bush Administration Out of Touch With the Security Needs of the American People

More Must be Done to Protect Americans from Terrorism

Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement concerning Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s statement that transit security is not a federal concern:

“President Bush failed to make homeland security a priority when he slashed funding for transit and rail security grants by $50 million, cut over $400 million for first responders, and further cut funding for airport screeners. Today, The Bush White House has once again demonstrated that it is unwilling to do everything necessary to protect Americans from terrorism here at home. There is a vital role for the federal government to play in keeping our rail and transit system safe. Yet President Bush wants to push the responsibility off to state and local governments.

“Instead of heeding the lessons of London and taking critical steps to secure our rail and transit system, the President and Congressional Republicans want to pretend like fighting terrorism overseas is enough. It is not, and that is why Democrats will continue to fight to protect the American people here at home. ”