Senate Democrats

Reid Speaks Out Against Republicans’ Misplaced Priorities

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid delivered the following remarks at his weekly media availability in response to Republican efforts to ignore amendments vital to the security of our nation, soldiers and veterans.

Remarks as prepared:

“We live in a dangerous world. We’re at war in Iraq. We have troops in Afghanistan. And as the bombings in London and Egypt remind us, we’re fighting terrorists around the world.

“With all this going on, Republicans today decided they wanted to push our national security aside.

“Republicans decided they didn’t want to support our Veterans and give them the health care they deserve.

“Republicans decided they didn’t want to take the strain off of our national guard.

“Republicans decided they didn’t want to concentrate on the number one security threat we face – Weapons of Mass destruction falling into the wrong hands.

“Republicans tried to sweep all this aside. But we didn’t let them. We stood up for our national security and a number of responsible Republicans joined us.

“But now, instead of staying on defense, Republicans want to move on to guns.

“It’s the latest example of their out-of-touch, misplaced priorities.

“DoD Authorization should be brought to the floor as soon as the gun bill is finished, and Senators should not leave for the August recess until it is done.

“No matter how you feel about the gun legislation – and I support it – it is not more important than the defense of this country.

“It’s an abuse of power to put special interests ahead of our defense.

“We need to finish the Defense Authorization bill before we leave.”