Senate Democrats

Reid sending $300 million to Nevada transportation projects


$50 million for Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Funding in addition to $1.3 billion in National Highway Bill

WASHINGTON D.C. – United States Senator Harry Reid is directing federal funding to Nevada to help reduce traffic congestion, increase mass transit like train and bus travel and make the state’s roads and highways safer. In a massive spending bill that Reid helped write and guide through Congress, Nevada will receive $1.3 billion over the next 5 years, $260 million per year, and an additional $300 million in projects Reid specifically secured.

With passage of the bill, Nevadans can expect to see significant progress on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, expansion of critical roadways like US 95 and I-15, and increased mass transit opportunities such as bus and rail travel in urban and rural areas.

“This funding is incredibly good news for Nevada,” Senator Reid said. “Billions of dollars are headed to the state to expand highways and roadways making them easier and safer to travel, helping to alleviate traffic congestion. There are also a number of mass transit projects that will be funded to help move people more efficiently. And each of the projects will mean more good-paying jobs in Nevada.”

Part of Reid’s funding is more than $50 million for the Hoover Dam bypass bridge and $45 million to continue work on a Magnetic Levitation train, or Maglev, that could one day carry passengers by high speed train from Las Vegas to southern California.

“There is no other project in the country right now like the Hoover Dam bypass bridge,” Reid added. “The awe-inspiring bridge is necessary for our national security to protect the dam, and will serve as a vital transportation link for goods and commodities.”

“I believe the Maglev train will be the future of travel between places like southern Nevada and southern California,” said Reid. “Airports are overburdened with amount of short haul flights and we must start reinvesting in train travel.”

Nevada Department of Transportation Director, Jeff Fontaine said, “We’re obviously pleased with today’s approval of a six-year highway and transit bill. This will allow us to continue with Nevada’s largest road construction program ever in order to keep up with demands of the fastest growing state in the nation.”

Reid projects include:

Southern Nevada Transit Coalition, Public Transit Building Acquisition – $1 million

Henderson-Las Vegas-North Las Vegas — Regional Fixed Guideway Project – $32 million Las Vegas Resort Corridor Downtown Extension Project – $16 million

Las Vegas — Boulder Highway MAX Bus Rapid Transit – $18 million

Laughlin-Bullhead City Colorado River Bridge – $18 million

I-15 Widening north from U.S. 95 to Apex Road, Clark County – $26.5 million

Boulder City Bypass Extension – $26.5 million

Virginia Street Bus Rapid Transit, Reno – $12 million

Lake Tahoe — Passenger Ferry Service – $8 million

Lake Tahoe MPO Bus replacement – $4 million

V & T Railroad Reconstruction Project, Carson City – $10 million

Carson City Bypass Enhancement Project (Phase II), Carson City, Nevada (GROW & NDOT) – $2 million Rail Access Corridor Enhancement, Reno – $15 million

Washoe County Bus and Bus Facilities – $6.75 million

California Trail Interpretive Center Roadside improvements and access infrastructure – $2 million

Hoover Dam Bypass – $50 million

Las Vegas Maglev project – $45 million