Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on Energy Bill

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement:

Washington, D.C. – “When the energy bill came to the Senate floor, I had one goal in mind, to enhance our national security by moving America toward energy independence.

“In the Senate version of the bill, we made great progress accomplishing that goal by including tax incentives for renewable energy resources, a renewable electricity standard, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, reducing global warming, and installing a federal ban on MTBE. That’s why I voted for the Senate energy bill.

“Unfortunately, House Republicans working on the final version of the bill rejected the provisions that would have led us towards energy independence, and I will not support this version of the bill.

“I believe we have missed an incredible opportunity to establish a renewable electricity standard, provide help to consumers facing record prices at the gas pump, and most importantly, to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”