Senate Democrats

Reid Says More Must Be Done to Make America Energy Independent

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement on the signing of the Energy Bill:

“I believe that moving America towards energy independence must be one of our highest priorities in order to make America more secure, stimulate our economy and to protect the environment. The bill signed today by the president does not do nearly enough to put America soundly on the path towards energy independence nor will it relieve customers from skyrocketing costs.

“I voted for the Senate version of the energy bill because in a bipartisan way we took important steps to increase the use of renewable energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, reduce global warming and stop the use of the dangerous chemical, MTBE. The bill signed today removed these important steps forward and looks too much to the solutions of the past and not nearly enough to the future.

“Democrats remain committed to taking the real positive steps in a bipartisan way to improve our national energy security. I hope that my Senate colleagues will join me in continuing the hard work that has yet to be done and not consider this bill the final step in making America more secure.”