Senate Democrats

Reid Building Momentum to Stop Transportation of Nuclear Waste

Utah Senator now says Yucca Mountain not a good idea, country must change direction

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Harry Reid is making significant progress in his fight to stop the transportation of deadly nuclear waste across the country. Today, Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT), who previously voted for the proposed Yucca Mountain project, announced that he will change his position and work to find alternative solutions. Reid has been working with his Senate colleagues to gain support for legislation that would leave nuclear waste on-site.

Senator Reid released the following statement regarding Senator Bennett’s announcement:

“Senator Bennett succinctly and clearly outlined the reasons to oppose both the proposed Yucca Mountain and PFS facilities. The momentum is shifting and the timing is right to address our nuclear waste challenges in a way that offers real, long-term solutions. The safest, most reasonable and effective solution is to store nuclear waste where it is already being produced. I have spent twenty years fighting the absurd idea that massive quantities of deadly nuclear waste can be transported across thousands of miles. I look forward to joining forces with Sen. Bennett as we work to protect our states, the West and the nation.”