Senate Democrats

Reid: Mr. President, We Can Do Better

Washington, DC – Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement today:

“The American people are looking at Washington today and demanding leadership and accountability from their leaders. Unfortunately, instead of joining Democrats in moving in a new direction and taking real action on gas prices, national security and Katrina relief, the president today signaled he’s content with business as usual. The American people deserve better.

“Once again, when given an opportunity to lay out for the American people what his strategy for success in Iraq is, with a detailed account of the military and political progress that must be met in order for our troops to come home, the president instead resorted to questionable claims of progress. Simply stating that we have a job to do is not enough to get the job done. The American people and our troops in Iraq deserve better.

“We also must provide the people of the Gulf Coast with more than empty rhetoric. For more than a month, the White House and the Republican leadership have failed to approve badly-needed legislation to address survivors’ needs for health care, housing and financial relief. Instead, the president is pursuing even deeper cuts to the very same programs that will help lift these Americans up and rebuild their lives.

“Democrats know that we can do better than the wrongheaded pursuits and failed leadership that continues to fall far short of the mark. That’s why we’ll continue to ask the tough questions about the war in Iraq and demand that Congress act on the American people’s priorities.”