Senate Democrats

Reid Slams Bush Administration and Senator Frist For Information Blackout

The Senate and the American People Deserve Better

Washington, DC – Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement upon Senator Frist’s decision to cancel an intelligence briefing for interested Senators:

“It is outrageous that Senator Frist has unilaterally determined that Senators do not need to receive important intelligence information at this critical time in the Iraq conflict. While our brave men and women are fighting a war, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure we are doing everything we can to help them win. That means getting all the information we can in order to provide them all the resources they need.

“America deserves better than this pattern of avoiding the tough questions and keeping the Congress and the American people in the dark. President Bush continues to refuse to come clean with the American people about the war in Iraq and the Republican Congress refuses to provide crucial oversight or bring key legislation to support our troops to the Senate floor. With today’s action, now they are even stopping Senators from hearing directly from our nation’s intelligence community the facts on the ground in Iraq. Blocking Senators from receiving vital national security information is wrong, unprecedented and irresponsible. Rather than blocking the Senate from getting the information necessary to make informed decisions about our course in Iraq, Senator Frist should join us in ensuring that we receive the information we need to do right by our national security, our troops and the American people.”