Senate Democrats

Reid: Action Needed to Lower Winter Heating Prices

Washington, DC – Today, Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the Energy Information Agency’s Winter Fuels Report:

“This winter threatens to be a cold and expensive season for millions of working Americans as this summer’s skyrocketing gas prices turn into this winter’s record high heating prices. With natural gas and heating oil forecasted to cost families hundreds of dollars more this season, working families will be forced to make even more difficult choices.

“Democrats know that this winter will be a difficult one for millions of Americans and that is why we fought and will continue to fight to provide additional assistance to working families to meet record high heating bills this year. Unfortunately, our Republican colleagues would rather spend billions on tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and rejected our efforts to help working families heat their homes. It is these wrongheaded priorities that have made us more dependent on foreign oil and why Democrats are determined to put America on the path towards energy independence by 2020. We know that together, America can do better.”


Democrats Fought to Provide Additional Assistance to Help Working Families Heat Their Homes. Senator John Kerry introduced an amendment to provide $3.1 billion in emergency funding to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This funding increase would have restored the program that helps working families meet their heating bills from the cut in the Bush budget. The amendment, which required 60 votes was rejected 50-49. [RC 250, S. Amdt. 2033 to H.R. 2863, 10/5/05]