Senate Democrats

Do You Know What’s Even Better Than A Photo-Op?

Our Troops Need a Strategy for Success, not a Pep-rally

Washington, DC – Today, Senate Democratic Communications Center spokesman Jim Manley released the following statement regarding President Bush’s Iraq photo-op:

“The American people and our brave troops deserve better than a photo-op for the President and a pep-rally about Iraq. They deserve a plan. Unfortunately, today’s event only served to highlight the fact that the president refuses to engage in a frank conversation about the realities on the ground. It is long past time for the Commander-in-Chief to provide a clear strategy for success. That will take more than photo-ops. It will require the President to come clean and answer basic questions about how he intends to get the job done.”


  • How many capable Iraqi forces do we need before we can bring our troops home?
  • What is the administration doing to forge a political consensus?
  • What is the administration doing to make Iraq’s neighbors and other countries a part of our strategy?
  • What progress is being made on the reconstruction in Iraq and how do we know taxpayers dollars are being spent wisely?