Senate Democrats


America Can Do Better Than Republicans’ Misplaced Priorities

WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats know that we can do better than spending billions on tax breaks for special interests while refusing to act to provide critical relief to the hurricane victims, address skyrocketing energy costs or protect Americans from the Avian flu . Today, Democratic Leader Harry Reid was joined by the Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Max Baucus, and Senator Barbara Boxer to unveil their strategy to put America’s priorities first. Following a meeting of the Senate Democratic leadership, the Senators took to the Senate floor to take action for the American people.

“The American people are struggling with serious issues right now, including rising energy prices, the aftermath of Katrina and preparedness for a disaster like Avian flu,” said Senator Reid. “Democrats believe we can do better than ignoring these issues and we have introduced plans to help. If Republicans can find the time and resources to spend billions on tax breaks for special interests, they certainly should be able to find the time and resources to help working Americans too.”

The Senators discussed their strategy to bring the nation’s top priorities to the attention of the Republican Congress. The Senators described how they will consistently take to the Senate floor to raise the crucial issues facing the American people. By bringing the focus of the Senate to the continued need to provide substantial relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, addressing skyrocketing energy costs and a potential Avian flu outbreak, Democrats will push the Senate to do better.

“The Republican-controlled Congress is committed to an agenda that benefits their Party’s special interest friends, but fails to address the very real problems confronting our nation. Senate Democrats are going to use every option under the rules to force the Republican leadership in the Senate to deal with the real challenges facing America,” said Senator Durbin.

The Senators outlined their opposition to Republicans’ attempts to spend billions on tax breaks for special interests while cutting health care, student loans and other crucial assistance through their immoral budget. At the same time, the Republicans continue to ignore the critical issues facing American families. Democrats will continue to push the Senate to address and debate the solutions that Democrats have put forward to provide critical relief to hurricane victims, solve to today’s energy crisis and put America on the path towards energy independence, or protect Americans from an Avian flu pandemic.