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Reid: BRAC report becomes law

Nevada bases to play even greater role in national security

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As of midnight last night, recommendations by a commission charged with streamlining the nation’s military bases became law. The Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) compiled a sweeping report with recommendations for closing, realigning or moving military bases around the country. The report was sent to the White House and Congress last month and officially became law at the stroke of midnight last night.

For Nevada’s military installations, the BRAC report was good news. At Sen. Reid’s request, BRAC Commissioners visited the Hawthorne Army Depot and observed the work of the Nevada National Guard based in Reno. Based on those visits, the Commission overturned a previous recommendation by the Pentagon to close the depot and diminish the guard.

“With BRAC recommendations now officially law, we should take a moment to honor the crucial role our state plays in defending America,” Senator Reid said. “I would like to recognize the outstanding work and contribution of those men and women serving at Nevada’s premier bases. The BRAC Commissioners who visited our state saw first hand that work and contribution and as a result reported that the Depot and guard were vital to our national security mission.”

The Commission report that is now law will also mean an expansion of Nellis Air Force base with a gain of nearly 1,400 military and civilian personnel. Additionally, the Fallon Naval Air Station will become the Fleet Readiness Center for the West.

“I also want to thank and recognize the work of the BRAC Commissioners. This is the first BRAC report in ten years, and the tireless effort of the Commission will give the Pentagon the authority to ensure we have the defense infrastructure our country needs,” Reid added.