Senate Democrats

Reid Says Democrats Offer Real Security, Fight for Priorities of the American People

Washington, D.C. – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s remarks from today’s Democratic Unity event.

Remarks as prepared:

“In my years of public service, I’ve never seen a mess like we have today

“America deserves a government as good as its people. That’s why in 2006, victorious Democrats will reform Washington and put the priorities of working families – affordable health care, energy independence, and real security – back on the nation’s front burner.

“Here’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats understand that elected officials work for the American people and that no one is above the law.

“In this Republican Congress, there has been no oversight. That’s why Democrats were forced to hold our own investigations into everything from contracting abuse to gouging at the gas pump. And it’s why we insisted that the American people get the truth about why the White House cherry-picked and leaked intelligence to sell the war in Iraq.

“The President may think this matter can be swept under the rug or pardoned away, but Democrats know America can do better. The American people and our brave soldiers deserve to know the truth about why we went to war.

“But that is just the start. While Democrats look for answers about the past, we’ll fight to make sure America’s future is safe and secure.

“We’ll protect Americans – whether the threat is terrorism… or runaway deficit spending… or the Avian flu.

“We’ll support our troops. And we will keep our promise to America’s veterans, and make sure they get the health care… benefits… and full-pay they deserve.

“There’s a price to pay for the arrogance of power, and in November 2006, Republicans will find the American people have come to collect.

“As we saw on Tuesday, voters are tired of corruption and negative campaigns.

“Americans want honest government, and leaders who keep the priorities of the American people in mind.”