Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on the Reauthorization of the Patriot Act

Washington, DC – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the Reauthorization of the Patriot Act:

“I’m pleased that Senate negotiators stood up to the Bush Administration by refusing to sign a flawed conference report to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act. The final law must move closer to the bipartisan, compromise bill that passed the Senate unanimously earlier this year.

“We all agree on the need to fight terrorism. But the Administration’s wish list poses a serious threat to the civil liberties and privacy of law-abiding Americans. I am especially concerned about the rampant use of national security letters to amass large amounts of data on people with no connection to terrorism.

“Senate Democrats will continue to work to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act in a way that gives the government needed tools to protect national security while placing sensible checks on these expanded powers.”