Senate Democrats

Reid: We Will Do What It Takes To Rebuild New Orleans

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on Democrats’ commitment to rebuilding New Orleans:

“It has been more than two months since President Bush promised that he would do what it takes to help the citizens of the Gulf Coast rebuild their communities and their lives. Unfortunately, the President’s deeds have not matched his words. Today, hurricane victims still lack the health care and financial relief they need, thousands face the imminent threat of homelessness as the holidays approach and the president seems to have shelved his grand plans for reconstruction.

“Democrats know that we can do better, and we will never forget our fellow citizens who still suffer from these terrible storms. That’s why we fought spending cuts in Congress that would make matters worse in the affected region, and it’s why we remain committed to rebuilding New Orleans and all of south Louisiana with stronger levee systems to protect against category five hurricanes, so that residents need not fear that another Katrina will devastate their communities. Democrats will continue to work to eliminate waste and corruption, so that aid gets to the people who need it. And we will continue to insist that Washington Republicans finally make the Gulf Coast a priority. That’s not just the right thing to do, it’s our moral responsibility.”