Senate Democrats

Reid: Bush Should Follow His Own Words

Washington, DC – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement:

“Democrats remain focused on the middle-class squeeze of rising prices and lower wages impacting too many working families. Instead of ignoring their problems and pursuing giveaways for special interests, Democrats continue to offer commonsense solutions that will lower their costs for gas, health care and a college education. We know that together, America can do better.

“The president often says it is the responsibility of elected officials here in Washington to face today’s challenges and not to pass them onto future generations. Yet it is his runaway budget and trade deficits, billions spent on tax giveaways, backwards looking energy plan designed by and for special interests, and inaction during this country’s health care crisis that have created a myriad of problems for our children’s generation. I hope that he’ll set aside his narrow agenda and address the challenges facing all Americans today.”