Senate Democrats


Washington, DCIn commemoration of Martin Luther King Day, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement. Attached is a Special Democratic Report on the State of Our Union for African Americans also released today:

“Dr. King left us in 1968, but his dream has endured. Over the years, we have made great progress towards achieving his vision of equality for all. However, what troubles me today is that our progress seems to have stalled. From disparities in our health care system, economic injustice and the failure of government officials to enforce our voting rights laws, there is much more work to be done to make progress for all Americans. I believe America can do better. We can have a budget that takes care of the most vulnerable among us. We can have a health care system that is affordable and accessible to all Americans. We can live in the country of Dr. King’s dream. All it takes is a commitment to work together and to put progress, not politics, first.”