Senate Democrats


Washington, DCWith reports that RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman attended a meeting of the infamous K Street Project to discuss their “reform” agenda, Reid spokesman Jim Manley released the following statement:

“Ken Mehlman’s attendance at the infamous K Street project is just more proof that Republicans just don’t get it. Returning to the scene of the crime to talk about a new “reform” message won’t change the reality that Republicans are responsible for this culture of corruption that has come at great expense to the American people. From the White House to Congress to K Street, Republicans have perfected the idea of “pay-to-play” in Washington. Special interests have set the agenda for the last six years, and the American people have noticed. In fact, putting Senator Santorum and Congressman Blunt in charge of reform is like putting Michael Brown in charge of Katrina.

“Whatever Republican reforms are put forth in the coming weeks will be taken at face value – minor wrist slapping and good public relation stunts by the same people responsible for the mess. It’s time for real reform in Washington, and the American people trust the Democrats to do it.”