Senate Democrats

White House Must Come Clean on Jack Abramoff Connection

Washington, DC – Jim Manley, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s Spokesman, released the following statement today on White House refusals to fully disclose meetings between top Administration officials and indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff:

“Yesterday, Senate Democrats called on President Bush to make a full accounting of Jack Abramoff’s personal contacts with White House officials over the past five years. On January 5th, Scott McClellan pledged to provide the public with this information. I’m concerned that yesterday he retracted on that pledge. After admitting that Abramoff met with White House officials, Scott McClellan refused to say who they were. So, today, Senate Democrats renew their request to know exactly who – whether it be Chief of Staff Andy Card, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove or others – Jack Abramoff met with at the White House and for what reason. Given the recent indictment of Jack Abramoff and his associates and ongoing criminal investigations into Republican officials, we need to know just how far this Republican culture of corruption has spread. The American people have a right to know. They also have a right to know what the White House is hiding.”