Senate Democrats


Washington, DC – With reports indicating President Bush’s 2007 budget will jeopardize care for seniors in an attempt to cut spending, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement:

“President Bush’s budget puts the costs of Republican corruption on display for every American to see. It’s filled with pages of giveaways to special interests and cuts to those who can least afford it.

“America’s seniors know all too well the price of corruption, having just spent the first month of 2006 coping with the President’s Medicare prescription drug plan that was written to enhance the profits of HMOs and drug companies instead of the health of American seniors. Now the President’s priority is to protect those special interest profits while jeopardizing access to care for those same seniors. Cutting funding for hospitals and other providers won’t solve the health care crisis. His lack of leadership on meaningful health care reform is.

“When it comes to protecting those who need it most, America has always had a moral compass. For the past six years, President Bush has read it upside down. After driving the nation into a fiscal mess, the President is asking our seniors, our students, and our families to clean it up while the wealthy special interests reap the rewards. That’s not how America works, and Democrats in the Senate will fight for a budget that honors America’s values.”