Senate Democrats


Washington, DC – On the release today of the president’s 2007 budget, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement:

“The American people have paid the price for the Republican culture of corruption over the past five years and the president’s budget proposes more of the same. President Bush’s budget continues to put special interests first while making worse the financial pressures confronting American families. This is an immoral and irresponsible approach that does not reflect the values of the American people.

“While working Americans are facing higher prices for everything from health care to gas to college tuition this president’s budget continues to hand out costly, budget busting favors for special interests like the drug, oil, and HMO industries. After creating record deficits and debt with his budget busting tax breaks, the president is asking our seniors, our students, and our families to clean up his fiscal mess with painful cuts in health care and student aid.

“The American people know that together we can do better than this immoral and irresponsible budget. Democrats are committed to reform so that we can clean up Washington, get our fiscal house in order and focus on the day-to-day problems facing America’s families.”