Senate Democrats


Las Vegas, NV — U.S. Senator Harry Reid and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Rod Jett unveiled a new Mobile Command Post today. Reid was instrumental in securing the funding for this new law enforcement tool that will protect Nevadans and the police that defend them.

“The new Mobile Command Post is a great resource for the community that will allow Metro to respond to emergencies faster and to do an even better job of protecting the community,” said Reid.

Last year, Senators Reid and Ensign secured over 8 million dollars for Homeland Security needs in Las Vegas. The funds helped provide new tools for law enforcement such as the Mobile Command Center.

Reid added: “This is an important new tool for Metro but there’s still more work to do. We have the best police force in the country, and it’s my mission to make sure they have the best Homeland Security equipment, training and preparation to continue protecting the safety and security of Las Vegas.”

“Whether being utilized by Search and Rescue to coordinate the search for a lost child, providing hostage negotiators with a quiet and secure working environment, or supporting an extended SWAT tactical operation, this new Mobile Command Post will greatly improve the Department’s overall ability to respond to incidents which last longer or require more resources than do normal calls for service,” said Metro Assistant Sheriff Rod Jett.

“This is an excellent example of a local governmental entity partnering with our national lawmakers to improve the overall quality of life in Southern Nevada. Senator Reid was able to secure the funding which allowed Metro to design and build a first rate piece of equipment. This Mobile Command Post will continue to serve the citizens of Southern Nevada for many years to come, and will undoubtedly result in saving many lives in all types of circumstances,” added Jett.

This is a major increase in capability that will be available to all divisions of Metro that handle situations like kidnappings, terrorist threats, and SWAT responses.