Senate Democrats


Reno, NV — U.S. Senator Harry Reid held a discussion to address the problems Nevadans are having with the Administration’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and health care budget cuts.

Senator Reid heard directly from Nevada pharmacists, doctors, hospital administrators, medical school students, and senior activists, at his “Prescription for Change” discussion. Reid held the event to gain their valuable input as he considers ways to improve the program.

“I have been working to improve the program since the law was enacted. Now that the program is in place, we are learning of more problems resulting from poor implementation by the Administration,” said Reid. “What better way to learn how to make improvements than by hearing directly from those who are struggling with the new program.”

Reid has always supported adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare, but opposed the Administration’s prescription drug bill because it was unnecessarily complicated and favors special interests over seniors. Even more troubling is the Administration’s botching of the implementation of the new program and the refusal to make changes that could have improved the transition for our seniors.

Reid added: “I am committed to improving the program so it works for Nevadans. Medicare is one of this country’s great success stories. It’s time to put politics and special interests aside and make the drug program match the good quality service and care that seniors know and expect from Medicare”.