Senate Democrats


Washington, DC–Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on today’s vote in the Senate Government Affairs Committee on lobbying reform legislation based on the Honest Leadership Act, the reform proposal cosponsored by 41 Democrats.

“With today’s vote in the Senate Government Affairs Committee, the Congress is finally one step closer to the lobbying reform that Democrats have been fighting for these last months. I commend Senator Lieberman, Senator Collins, and the whole committee for their efforts to advance this bill. Based on the Honest Leadership Act, the comprehensive reform plan cosponsored by 41 Democrats, this bill is a good start. Democrats will continue to fight to improve this and the bill passed by the Rules Committee on Tuesday to provide the American people with the strongest possible reforms.

Lobbying reform is not the end of corruption in Washington, though, and much work remains to be done. Democrats are committed to reforming our government, and that’s why we’ve introduced a bill to stamp out waste, fraud, and abuse in government contracting. America can do better than leadership that rewards corporate cronies before serving the people.”