Senate Democrats


Washington, DC — Joined by veterans of the war in Iraq and Brian and Alma Hart, parents of Pfc. John Hart–killed in Iraq because his Humvee lacked the armor that could have saved his life–Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Senator Debbie Stabenow today called for an end to the dangerously incompetent policies of the Bush Administration, highlighting Democratic efforts to improve the budget, support our troops and veterans, and protect America.

Soldiers in Iraq have for three years paid with their lives for Republican incompetence, sent to fight without the armor that could have protected them or a plan to win the peace. The incompetence has continued even after their return, as Republicans deny veterans the access to essential services like health care. Democrats believe America should be tough AND smart, and are calling on President Bush and Congressional Republicans to protect America by appropriately arming our soldiers and supporting our veterans.

“No one has paid the price for Republican incompetence more than our troops,” said Senator Reid. “They have served for three years in Iraq without the armor they needed, and returned only to find that their government will not do enough to serve its veterans. Supporting our troops must be more than a slogan, and protecting our veterans protects our national security. America can do better than the record of the last three years.”

“America has made a promise to our brave men and women in uniform–we will protect them on the battlefield and support them when they return,” said Senator Stabenow. “This Administration has not kept that promise. Democrats are fighting for real security and for policies that honor the sacrifices made by our troops and veterans.”

Democrats want policies that are tough and smart, that protect our troops as they defend us, that support our veterans when they return, and that give Americans the real security that they deserve.