Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid delivered the following floor statement today on the American people’s desire to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform:

“Democrats continue to fight for strong border enforcement and comprehensive immigration reform. This compromise is the second bipartisan plan we have supported. We are happy to work with Republicans on the comprehensive, tough, and smart approach we have advocated all along. Unfortunately, other Republicans seem intent on delaying and defeating this compromise. We are ready to move forward, but a group of Republican Senators want to slow us down. If not for them, we could head into the recess with a bipartisan victory for the American people.

“Though this compromise isn’t perfect, it is still the right comprehensive approach. It is enforcement plus — tough reforms to protect our border and crack down on employers who hire illegally, plus it will bring the millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.

“Republicans are still deeply divided on this issue, and we must protect this fragile compromise from those Senators bent on gutting the bill with hostile amendments. We must also ensure that this comprehensive approach is not lost when the bill reaches conference with the House of Representatives.

“It is a test of leadership for President Bush and Senator Frist to stop some Republican Senators from derailing comprehensive reform.”