Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement today as millions march all across America to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

“America has seen a historic coalition emerge that has sent a clear message: the only way to have immigration reform that provides for real national security is to secure our borders and provide a legal, orderly and safe way for those who want to work and contribute to our nation. Senators have heard the millions of voices, from all sectors of American society, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that we reform our immigration system in a safe, humane and dignified way.

“Last week, Democrats voted in favor of comprehensive immigration reform twice and we will continue to work so that we can produce legislation that reinforces border security and brings millions of undocumented workers out of the shadows.

“Unfortunately, President Bush and Majority Leader Frist were unable to overcome their internal divisions and wounded up going back on their commitment to approve a compromise. I sincerely hope that we can get a bill passed in the Senate. Democrats are united on the need to reform our broken immigration system and it will ultimately depend on Republicans to choose between standing up to the radical right wing of their party, and joining Democrats to approve practical, tough, and smart reforms to our immigration system, or they can continue to play politics with our national security and immigrant’s rights.”

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