Senate Democrats


Washington, DC — While Americans are struggling with skyrocketing gas prices and oil companies are raking in record profits on the back of the middle class, Republicans today scuttled a proposal by Democratic Senators Bob Menendez and Bill Nelson that would have funded the alternative energy programs President Bush has promoted to make America energy independent.

“Even when Americans across the country are struggling with sky-high and still-rising gas prices, Bush Republicans refuse to get serious about making America energy independent,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. “Now they have blocked Democratic attempts to actually fund the alternative energy programs America needs to break our addiction to oil. How high must gas prices rise before Bush Republicans put the energy future of the American people above the profits of the oil companies?”

As Senator Menendez said on the Senate Floor today, “We should have taken serious action years ago, but the administration buried its head in the sand. Mr. President, the American people can afford to wait no longer. The Nelson-Menendez amendment provides the immediate funding we need to allow us to take control of our destiny and create a brighter, cleaner, and safer energy future for America. It provides 3 billion dollars for a wide range of efficiency, security, and research and development programs – programs the President talks about in glowing terms but doesn’t propose to actually fund.”

Democrats believe America can do better, and have a real, comprehensive program to make America energy independent.