Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on today’s press report on the NSA’s collection of phone records.

“Our government must have every effective and legal tool needed to fight terrorism. Unfortunately, the American people have less and less confidence that the Administration has an effective strategy for waging the war on terrorism or being candid about its actions.

“Today’s press report that the government may be secretly collecting phone call records on millions of ordinary Americans is the latest example of why congressional oversight is so critical. History demonstrates we are strongest when the President and Congress work together to defeat our enemies. The upcoming confirmation hearings of General Hayden for CIA Director present the Senate with an opportunity to explore this and other vital issues regarding the effectiveness of our intelligence community. General Hayden must demonstrate a willingness to be forthcoming with the Congress and present a strategy to address the systemic problems facing our intelligence community. I hope the Republican-led Congress will rise to the occasion during the Hayden hearings and conduct the oversight necessary to rebuild the public trust that America’s security depends on.”