Senate Democrats


Washington, D.C. – Senators John Ensign and Harry Reid today announced funding for the rural development of White Pine County. The funding will be provided through two rural development grants.

“These funds are essential to the development of White Pine County, the county that my family first settled in when they came to Nevada,” Ensign said. “Both of these grants provide crucial services for the development of our rural communities, and I will continue to make certain that communities throughout Nevada are given these necessary tools.”

The first grant allocates funding to provide water for fire fighting to residential, commercial and industrial areas between Ely and McGill. The second grant will add handicapped accessibility to Ruth Elementary School physical education curriculum and the Ruth Town Park.

“I’m so pleased the first responders in White Pine County will get funding to help them keep people safe. It’s so important that our firefighters have all the resources they need to handle emergencies,” said Reid. “In addition, making Ruth Elementary School and Ruth Town Park handicapped-accessible will make life easier for some Nevadans, and will add to the overall benefit of living in White Pine County for everyone.”

The water for fire fighting will provide service to 200 residences and businesses within an area of 96 square miles. The handicapped accessibility funds will help update 70-year-old equipment, servicing 501 residents in Ruth.