Senate Democrats


Washington, DCToday’s announcement of the Clean EDGE Act, the sweeping new Democratic legislation to help make America energy independent, has prompted a wave of support from concerned citizens and organizations across the country. The energy policies of the past have led this country into the current energy crisis, and it’s time for a new direction. The Democratic Clean EDGE Act is the right plan to revitalize America’s energy future.

R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence

“It is vitally important to our national security for us to move away quickly and decisively from dependence on conventional oil and its products, since two-thirds of the world’s proven reserves are in the Middle East. The policies in the Clean EDGE bill that encourage advanced vehicles and transportation fuel choice would take us a substantial distance along the path toward that objective’s becoming a commercial reality.”

Navin Nayak, Program Director, Environmental Alliance

“For the past five years, President Bush and this Congress have pushed an energy policy focused on rewarding big oil at the expense of all Americans. This bill sets things straight by securing America’s energy future first and putting big oil at the back of the line.”

Tom Buis, President, National Farmers Union

“Farmers are ready to be part of the solution to our energy crisis and curb our addiction to foreign oil. The EDGE bill is taking vital steps to strengthening our country’s national security and allow producers to receive a fair price from the marketplace for their products.”

Jerome Ringo President of the Apollo Alliance.

“The investment proposed by Democrats in clean energy will create jobs, boost farm income, protect our environment and make us more secure. This bold proposal speaks to the common interests of all Americans.”

Leo Gerard, President, United Steel Workers of America

“The Republican Congress has been sitting on its hands as energy prices devastate commercial and residential consumers all across this country. This legislation provides the framework for an energy policy that responds to the real concerns of companies and their workers – how will we have safe, secure and affordable energy supplies in the future and how can we put Americans to work putting those policies in place.”

Ron Gettelfinger, President, United Automobile, Aerpspace, & Agricultural Implement Workers of America

“The Clean EDGE Initiative would be good for American jobs, good for the environment, and good for our nation’s energy security!”

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen A. McGinty

“The Clean EDGE bill provides the support for states like Pennsylvania to continue leading the way in producing alternative fuels, growing our economy and protecting our environment.”

Kateri Callahan, President, Alliance to Save Energy

“The Clean Energy Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Act is an important step forward for U.S. energy policy as it recognizes that our country should redirect investment into energy efficient technologies and initiatives as the cheapest, quickest and cleanest means of extending our nation’s energy supplies and building a sustainable energy future.”

Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council

“This bill takes a badly needed step forward in promoting clean solutions to America’s energy and environmental needs.

“The Clean EDGE Act of 2006, unlike the energy bill enacted last year, recognizes that a clean path is the best way to end America’s oil addiction. It recognizes that efficiency and renewable sources of energy are a key part of any energy strategy. And it recognizes that sound energy policy must address global warming.”

Rocky Anderson, Mayor, Salt Lake City, Utah

“The Clean EDGE Bill will put the United States on the path to energy independence and greater national security. The mandates to increase the use of renewables and clean energy technologies will also bring the US into line with international efforts to fight against catastrophic climate change. I commend Senator Reid, and the Senate Democrats for their leadership.”