Senate Democrats


Calls on Bush Administration to abandon energy policies Lay helped write

Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on the conviction of former Enron CEO Ken Lay on all counts. Unfortunately for all Americans, Ken Lay was a member of the Cheney Energy Task Force whose contributions to America’s energy policies can be felt to this day.

“Today, a jury of his peers found Ken Lay guilty on all counts. His conviction is cold comfort for the tens of millions of Americans hurt by Enron’s illegal activities, but at least he will serve a just punishment for his crimes. Unfortunately, the American people are not so lucky. They are still unjustly imprisoned by the energy policies that the Bush Administration let Ken Lay write. With the nation facing sky-high gas prices in the upcoming Memorial Day driving season, it is past time for President Bush to put aside Ken Lay’s energy policies and join Democrats in reducing the cost of gas and making America energy independent.”