Senate Democrats


Washington, D.C. – Senator John Ensign and Senator Harry Reid announced that a $55,000 grant has been awarded to the Smith Valley Fire Department. The funding will be provided through the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFER program.

“We have all seen the devastation fire can cause throughout Nevada. This grant will help Smith Valley recruit needed fire fighters to help protect local and surrounding residents from the hazards of wildfires,” Ensign said. “Rural communities must have the necessary tools to keep their residents safe, and I am pleased that this funding will benefit a rural community in Nevada.”

SAFER provides grants to local fire departments with matching requirements that increase over time. The funding has been allocated for the recruitment efforts needed for the Smith Valley Fire Department.

“As fire season begins, we are reminded that Nevada is vulnerable to major wildfires. Smith Valley is a fast growing area and needs additional resources to properly protect homes and businesses” said Reid. “This funding will help give them the tools they need.” Fire departments must be volunteer staff, or a combination of volunteer and full-time staff, to qualify for SAFER funding. The program has received nearly three thousand applicants and just over one hundred will receive funding.