Senate Democrats


Washington, DC–Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today issued the following statement on President Bush’s visit to Baghdad.

“I am pleased that the president traveled to Iraq today to share with the Iraqi people and our brave troops the good news we have recently received from Iraq.  With the Iraqi government now complete and the terrorist Zarqawi gone, that country is another step closer to assuming control of its own future.  Our troops and the American people have been exceedingly patient as previous mileposts in Iraq have passed without progress.  To continue in this war without an exit strategy is asking too much of our troops or the American people.

“Last year, the United States Congress–on a bipartisan basis–passed legislation demanding President Bush make 2006 the year of significant transition in Iraq. We are approaching the mid-point of 2006, but instead of transitioning out, President Bush recently sent in more troops to handle the surge in violence.  To most Americans, this looks like we’re moving in the wrong direction, at a time when our national security demands we chart a new course.  The president must do more than offer words of support, he must present a concrete plan – a plan for Iraqis to take control of their own security.”