Senate Democrats


Legislation will send federal funds to add bullet-proof windows, hire additional security

Washington, D.C. – Tonight the full Senate accepted U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s Court Security amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill.

“I am elated to see that the Senate has accepted the amendment. We must do all we can to better protect the dedicated women and men throughout the Judiciary and the courthouses. These hard-working public servants do a tremendous job under challenging circumstances,” said Reid. “I’m pleased that the Senate was able to work in a bipartisan fashion to act quickly. I hope it will soon become law.”

Senator Reid convened a phone conference with various Nevada mayors, judges and law enforcement officials to address their security needs. Courthouse security was one of the main items discussed. Shortly after the phone conference, the Senate agreed to accept the amendment.

The Court Security Improvement Act strengthens and expands protections for judges, prosecutors, witnesses, victims and their families and also provides grants to state courts to improve their security. It enhances protections for judges and their families against the misuse of their personal information by those who intend to threaten them by creating new criminal penalties for such misuse. It also enacts criminal penalties for threatening judges and federal law enforcement officials by the malicious filing of false liens, as well as provides increased protections for witnesses.

Reid has taken the lead on initiating the legislation and moving the process forward after a sniper style Courthouse shooting in Reno which injured Judge Chuck Weller.

Reid is determined to do all that he can to ensure the measure passes as soon as possible to prevent shootings like these.