Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on the conviction of David Safavian, former chief of staff in the General Services Administration for the Bush Administration.

“Last week, Bush Republicans blocked contracting reform in the U.S. Senate on a party-line vote. Today, a jury has shown exactly why that reform is needed. David Safavian’s conviction is a good first step, but the American people expect accountability and oversight of this White House.

“For five years, we have watched the Bush Administration waste billions on mismanaged contracts in Iraq. Just this morning, we learned that his Secretary of Defense paid no attention to the largest defense procurement scandal in history–even though it happened under his nose. Amazingly, this afternoon Bush Republicans rejected creating a bipartisan commission to investigate contracting abuses on yet another party line vote. America has seen too much incompetence, cronyism, and corruption. It is time for real reform.”