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The G-8 Summit: A Time to Change Course

Tomorrow, President Bush will depart for Europe on a trip which will culminate in his participation in the Group of Eight (G-8) Summit.  From July 15-17, leaders from the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Russia, France, Italy, Germany and the European Union will gather in St. Petersburg, Russia to discuss a broad range of security and economic issues.  The G-8 Summit comes at a time when we face a number of significant challenges in the world.  Unfortunately, the Bush record of addressing today’s challenges – from the threats posed by North Korea and Iran, to relations with Russia, to energy security and international trade — has been poor.  As the summit approaches, here is an overview of where we stand.  

North Korea

Under Bush’s Watch, North Korea Has Increased its Stockpiles of Plutonium.  A study by the National Security Advisory Group drew upon the analysis of the Group’s chairman, former Defense Secretary Bill Perry, and more than a dozen national security experts including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and former Assistant Secretaries of Defense Ash Carter, Graham Allison, Michele Flournoy, and found that the amount of plutonium produced by North Korea under the last three presidents to have been: